If you would like to get in touch with your own spirit guides, here are a couple of methods you can try. As stated on the previous page, different guides may have an easier time of coming through in different ways, so don't be afraid to try alternative means of contacting them. However, as tempting as it may be to attempt contact using a Ouija board, I can't discourage you enough from this route. This will only serve to open yourself to contact with negative, earthbound entities, many of whom will lie about their identity, disguising themselves as deceased relatives or spirit guides. 

I've had the best success with dreams, though this may be in part thanks to experimentation with lucid dreaming in the past. If you want to try using dreams as your medium, you might want to consider burning some scented candles or oils in the bedroom before turning in for the night (lavender and lilac are great for helping you to open up psychically). Clear your mind of the day's "chatter" (take several deep breaths, or some meditation techniques can be found here). Repeat the following statement: "I am open to communication with my spirit guides, and would like them to come to me in my dreams. I will remember these dreams in the morning." Start a dream journal, and first thing when you wake up, record anything you can remember. Don't get discouraged - it may be a week or two before communication is established.

Another means you can try is entering a meditative state. Find a comfortable chair in a quiet place with no interruptions, barricade yourself in, and do the following: 

  • Close your eyes. 
  • Take several deep, relaxing breaths, clearing your mind of extraneous thoughts
  • Once you've reached a relaxed state, imagine a natural setting that is calming and comforting to you: an ocean beach, a meadow in summer, a forest clearing in the rain, a flower garden, a grassy hillside. 
  • Imagine a bench in the middle of your area (I like to envision a wrought-iron park bench with aged wooden slats, but picture whatever is comfortable to you).
  • Approach the bench and sit down. 
  • Send a thought out that you would like to meet your spirit guide. 
  • Wait for the guide to approach, and ask him or her to be seated.
  • Ask his or her name, and what he or she is here to teach you. 
  • If this is your first attempt, keep this meeting brief, thank your guide for coming, and slowly bring your consciousness back to the room in which you're seated. 
Another means you can use to establish a more rudimentary communication for your guides just to let you know that they're present, to receive confirmation that you're on the right path, or to let you know that you need to pay special attention at a particular moment is to pick a symbol, something specific and that you're not inclined to see every day, such as a pen with a red barrel, a purple flower, or a pair of dice. Be on the lookout for your symbol, and if you see it, know that your guides are there with you.

As you'll no doubt hear your guide in your own voice or as part of your thoughts, it's important not to dismiss this as your imagination. The more you communicate with your guides, the easier it will be to separate and distinguish their messages from your own thought-traffic. Pay special attention at times when you're in a relaxed, slightly-distracted state, such as daydreaming, meditating, or driving.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your guides come from a place of love. Though they may sometimes seem overly-insistent or cryptic, they will never tell you to harm yourself or others. If you are hearing voices telling you to do these things, please seek help.

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