Schaef Designs Indicolite tourmaline, opal, tanzanite & 18kt solid gold necklace | Arizona

Schaef Designs Indicolite Tourmaline Opal Tanzanite & Solid 18kt Gold Necklace

Gorgeous rare high quality faceted indicolite tourmalines are paired with tanzanite, opals and 18kt gold in this stunning one of a kind upscale gemstone necklace. Tourmalines are spaced with 18kt solid gold beads 3 amazing opal pendants drop at the center of this lovely piece. The center pendant is 18kt gold with Firey Australian Opal with tanazanites studded around the perimeters. Two pendants on each side are black Ethiopian opals loaded with fire and color. Both are set in 18kt gold. The clasp has an indicolite tourmaline set in 18kt gold. An heirloom collectible necklace...and there's only ONE.

Necklace measures 19 1/2 inches from end to end including tourmaline & gold clasp. Three pendants measure 3/4 of an inch each from top to bottom.

Price: $9000.00
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